Chiapas masks


Deep in the South part of Mexico, where the thick jungles are, lies the State of Chiapas.

This state is beautifully surrounded by mountains and rain forest. Chiapas is a place where time has stopped and progress hasn’t touch a bit its beautiful Natural environment.

In Chiapas we can see the different tribes that speak their native dialects, and few are the ones that knows Spanish (specially the old people).

You can see the girls clothed in their own native dresses. You can find different tribes like the Chamulas, and the Tarahumaras. These are the most famous ones found in Chiapas. You can also find the Celtas and many others. Each one speak their own language (dialects) and are very differently dressed.

In Chiapas you can find Pyramids, and the most famous ones are the Pyramids of Palenque. Palenque was ruled by King Pakal.

King Pakal was found in the tallest Pyramid called “The Pyramid of the Inscriptions.” He was buried there and inside the tomb they found a Jaden mask. Nowadays you can see that mask in the Mayan Room of “The National Anthropological Museum of History,” one of the most beautiful museums that Mexico City has.

Our handmade Chiapas masks are mainly made of worked Soapstone supplemented by pieces semi precious stone like Obsedian, Turquoise, Malachite, Quartz, Eye Tiger and shell pearl.

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